what's your passion?

so , i have, in one way or another, volunteered for an organization that works to improve the lives of woman  i won’t do the organization any disservice by naming it (i wouldn’t think they would want to hang their hat on my (falling) star).  i get asked a lot why i am so passionate about the work that this org. does.  i’ve touched on this before (the world is my church ).  but here’s the scoop.  i may be white.  i may be middle class.  i may have even had a relatively easy life.  i still know what it feels like to be discriminated against.  i decided i was going to work to help woman gain power over their lives.  any woman who doesn’t have control of her reproductive rights is being held in slavery to the man.  you know the nameless, faceless man than holds people down.  

this is just the place of origin of my passion.  finding this passion helped me to begin to live with my eyes open.  it helps to change the way you look at people.  it’s so easy to judge people.  it takes time and energy to get to why people are the way they are.  most of the time, that energy is well invested.  you can never predict when you may learn that one thing that will help you to better understand yourself. 

bill withers was a wise and courageous man who spoke about loving people in a time when it wasn’t popular. when it was assumed that “like” people should stick together and never the “others” should meet.  sometimes it may feel like it’s just you (or two of you) against the world.  how would it be if it was us all for us all  

be good to each other,

so i’ll leave you with his words  

BIll Whithers – Just the two of us (ORIGINAL SONG)

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  1. Dushie

    you are very wise of dushiesan

  2. EH Shuba

    and you are most beautiful when you are giggling

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