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  1. Scargosun

    Agree 100%. :) There is not one valid reason that 2 people of the same sex should not be married.
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  2. @LeamansTerms

    I grew up Mennonite and still attend a Mennonite church. This all became a non issue for me when very young, my moms sisters husbands side of the family (get that… I didn’t know my uncles side of the family so never met these people) had a baby that had both male and female sex organs.

    It occured to me that no one was arguing if God made that child that way. Obviously God had. It was no stretch therefore, for me to realize that God could also then make a child with same sex attractions.

    It worked for me then and still does.

  3. JenBallz

    ♥ A soapbox worth standing on.

  4. John C. Bailey

    I love you. That’s all.

    Never stop talking…


  5. William Roberts

    Love does not ask why, does it? To begin with, it speaks with a language only the heart can truly understand whether the heart belongs to a man, woman, gay or lesbian. Who is to judge, really?
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