wicking away

so, one of the totally awesome things about being a kept woman is that i get to shop for stubby hubs hunk.  oh wait, the opposite of that.  the man hasn’t shopped for himself in 13 years.  he usually is pretty amicable about what i buy him (there was the driving moccasin incident.  i think they were too metro sexual for him.  he does wear them from time to time. although i think it’s just so he can make the joke, why the hell do i need special shoes to drive.  i know, clear the stage, the next seinfeld is up.)  

i was going to sports authority (i wish we had a big dick’s sporting good store, cause it would make me giggle….sigh.) and asked if he needed anything.  he said yeah, get me one of those under armor shirts everyone is talking about.  (rolling eyes) yes dear.  today was the first day that he wore it.  while unpacking his gym bag, he said, do you think these shirts have to be washed as often?  um, right because not only does the shirt wick the sweat away from your body, it also launches it into the stratosphere.  he did make me promise that he was just being funny….yeah right.  have i mentioned that he’s cute?



2 responses to “wicking away”

  1. Ellen Finger

    You want a big Dick’s? I like the big Dick’s, too.

  2. EH Shuba

    oh goody!  not sure if the fine people of our quaint town are ready for it though

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