so, genetics are a funny thing.  two people put all they have into the shaker and hope for yatzee.  well i got it.  i’m not bragging.  i’m as suprised as anyone.  i mean i married a sweet, loving, supportive, honest man, but half of my kids stuff is from me, so it could have gone either way.  i’m demanding, pushy, fiercely independant, and too honest.  and yet we have these two great kids.  they are compassionate, loving, and smart as hell(if i do say so myself).  i just can’t quite figure it all out.
    the topic of kids is brought to mind because my girl has a birthday tomorrow.  phew, talk about a flashback.  she’s only about an inch shorter than i am now.  when i hug her i can rest my head on her shoulder.  but, i remember the day she came into my life like it was yesterday.  the whole labor and delivery thing didn’t quite go as we planned, so she was in the world for a couple of hours before i got to meet her (she still loves surprises).  when they put that tiny person wrapped in a pink and blue blanket into my arms, it was like something exploded in my cheast.  my first thought was holy hannah she is amazing and can’t belive i lover her so much already.  my second thought was CRAP!  i am somebody’s mother now.  that’s really crazy.  i have to be better starting right now.   i had stopped swearing when i got pregnant with her.  goodness knows i needed the 9 months to break that habit.  i loved to swear, still do.  i liked to put the f-bomb in the middle of a word.  oh yes, the f-bomb, mmmm, like an ice cool mint in my mouth. now she was here and i had to help this person get to her potential and it had to start today.  i had to figure out how to make her feel like no matter what happened in the world, at home she was worth a million bucks.  i had to let her go to school with 30 pony’s all over head, or dressed all in stripes.  i mean if she could shoulder the looks, the least i could do was say, yeah that’s my girl isn’t she super cool?!
    so she’ll be 11 in a matter of hours and i can play the whole story of her life in my head.  it’s an awesome movie, and she’s a great kid.  i am so proud to say she is mine.  in fact i think i want to be her when i grow up.
    yeah i got yatzee alright.  thank goodness they take after him, and i just get to go along for the ride.


10 responses to “yatzee!!!”

  1. Dushie aka Catherine

    You sure did get Yahtzee – lucky girl. When I hugged my kid yesterday he complained that my boob was smashing his throat. I told him to grow a couple more inches. Nice.

  2. Jill D

    [sniff sniff] very nice.

  3. Ami Elliott

    Happy Birthday to a you both! You are an awesome mom – and yes – you have awesome kids that are full of you and John BOTH! Have fun refelcting, crying ,celebrating and being amazed at how much happens in 11 years.

    Hugs from the burgh! A

  4. EH Shuba

    you aree too sweet miss a! can’t wait to see you.

  5. EH Shuba

    aw jilly bean! as the mother of 3 girls, i wish you peace !!!!

  6. EH Shuba

    that’s a boy for you!  plus side…their tantrums don’t last nearly as long

  7. Jill D

    Forget peace, I’ll settle for sanity. My MIL has a little sign that says, “There’s a special place in heaven reserved for the mother of three boys.” I’m thinking of making some that say “There’s a special place at Philhaven reserved for the mother of three girls.” and “There’s a special place at [insert corner bar name here] for the father of three girls.” Or maybe it should be the other way around…

  8. EH Shuba

    oh my sweet jillybean! please know i’ll always take the bar stool next to you

  9. Kelly T

    Aww, that got me teary. Hope S had a wonderful birthday. She’s the lucky one! I often find myself in motherhood moments saying “what would Liz do”.

  10. EH Shuba

    thanks lady!  your comment made me warm and fuzzy.  xxx

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