6 responses to “you be gigi and i’ll be mama”

  1. Victoria Abadir

    This is wonderful!! What beautiful memories and traditions you have. Merry Christmas to you and your incredible family!!!

  2. Mary Gingrich

    How very sweet!!! I had to use a tissue from my holiday themed tissue box :o) I have so many wonderful memories of you too! Of course, I can’t forget the Tang incicident and the baby powder mess from when we were really young.
    The only difference betweeen you and me is that as the oldest in your family you had to pave the way for your siblings and I didn’t have the pressures and expectations that parents place on an oldest child.
    You are such a wonderful person! The direct product of all the strong and capable women in our lives.
    I had a great weekend with you too!!!!
    PS I think that a whirling dervish is cool!

  3. Mary Gingrich

    Tori and Beth, um, for the record, I may be wrong. Apparently, my mom said that Tori’s mom has always said that she thinks we ARE related through the Long’s. Hmmmmm.

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