you missed a spot

     so, i have been meaning for some time to speak about an epidemic that is sweeping the country……MAN CLEAN.  for those of you married to eagle scouts, you can stop reading  now.  this won’t be about your fella.  man clean is what your house and children look like if you have ever been really sick or gone away for a couple of days.  the children will have bathed, but when you hug them, it is apparent that no soap of any kind gave it’s life in the bathing of this child.  the dishes have ben put in the dishwasher and it has even been run.  yet, there is an inch of funk on every service in the kitchen.  yeah, i know it’s a hard knock life.  i get be sick and i get to go away.  this is just what i do.  i observe things and then i make fun of the publicly.  i have done research and know that man clean is not just happening in my house.  it’s happening all around the world (or to the 2 friends i asked).  so i say we band together to stop man clean.  let’s let there be equality in clean.  let all clean be the same.  

now if only my husband read my blog…….

thanks, e

8 responses to “you missed a spot”

  1. Ellen Finger

    Man clean? My man don’t clean. My man has that selective vision thang going. He doesn’t man clean because he can’t be bothered to even see the dirt. So before it can get clean, it must first be seen. At least your man’s got his eyes open. (sigh)

  2. EH Shuba

    oh miss ellen! i am ever so sorry.   you’re married to man blind….

  3. Jill D

    Ditto fair Ellen… it’s either they can’t see it, or admitting it’s dirty is like admitting defeat, failure. Or else we are just too detail-oriented, that we can see particles of dust.

  4. Ellen Finger

    He does, however, take pride in his snow shoveling, chili-making, his laser-focused super-strong sperm, and his ability to open jars for me. “Here you go, little lady…”

  5. EH Shuba

    oh i can hear him now….sh&t eating grin and all

  6. EH Shuba

    well jillibean, we are super human donchyano

  7. Jill D

    HA HA! you are both dead-on! I can atually hear his voice saying that, with the grin… scary!

  8. EH Shuba

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