you're the one with the problem

     so, i love to have an adult beverage.  my grandmother used to say, “well, the sun is over the yard arm.”  i think that’s 1950’s speak for it’s five o’clock some where.  i have been know to clap and say YEAH (like that special kid on south park) when a waitress delivers a pint of hard cider to the table.  i never gave much thought about how much i love to have a drink before.  recently, a couple of red flags have popped up that have me thinking.  i don’t have a problem.  that’s not it.  some how word has gotten out that i am an easy mark.  no, to those powers that be at,, and don’ i do not need ten emails a day.  i have a liquor store with in walking distance of my home.  i think, if i really needed your wares, i wouldn’t be ordering from you online, for crying out loud.  when mama needs a drink, she gets up off her bon bon eating butt and walks down to her wine rack and opens a bottle of hooch.  i mean really, who can wait 7-10 business days to scratch that itch?  

now excuse me while i go top off, cause the kids will be home from school and i need to dull that pain, 


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  1. dushie

    I’m sorry but your mother of the year award was accidentally dropped off at my house. They just called and said I should just keep it for myself. xx

  2. EH Shuba

    fo shizzle my dizzle pizzle xxx

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